Hello, I'm Elle!

My passion is guiding leaders to find

joy in what they do


I started Sgraffito to share with others that there is more than one right answer to how we work and make impact in the workplace.

In coaching, my mission is to fuel your growth, strengthen and build capacity, and make the changes that are important to you. You set the direction, the goals, and the focus of the coaching engagement.

My consulting and training work focuses on incorporating creativity and inspiration to hold you or your team accountable to making change stick.

If you're curious about my educational or employment history, head over to my Linkedin.

pssst: Want to know what Sgraffito even means?

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Grow, strengthen, build curiosity, and make the changes that are important to you

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Resources designed to help you create a work-life you love


Use creative methods to unlock your team's problem solving potential.

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